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Wulong Tai Chi Kung Fu

Wulong is the premium school for Tai Chi and Kung Fu in the Melbourne Area.  With the one of the most experienced teachers in Australia.  Wulong offers high quality lessons catering to both casual, amateur and professional practitioners of Tai Chi, Qigong, and Kung Fu.

Tai Chi

Lily Sun is the only 8th Duan, Professor of Wushu, in Australia. Having previously taught at Wuhan University, China. She has over 30 years experience.  Since coming to Australia she has past this vast experience on to the Wulong Instructors.



Running the first official Health Qigong workshop held in Australia.  Wulong has more experience teaching Qigong than most other schools combined.  Qigong is incorporated into all of Wulong's Tai Chi lessons.

Kung Fu

Lily Sun has won multiple medals in Wushu at the national level in China during the 80s.  Then becoming a national, and international judge.  She has taken all of that  experience and created the highest calibre Wushu program in Melbourne.


Wulong Masters

Wulong is the only school to have access to masters in all three primary areas of Wushu: Kung Fu, Tai Chi, and Qigong. All from prestigious Universities, they now provide the most advanced Wushu, Tai Chi, and Qigong curriculum in Australia.


PRofessor Lily Sun

As the Principle of Wulong, Lily Sun is an expert in Wushu, Tai Chi and Qigong.  Having trained and competed as a Wushu athlete in her youth, then heading up the Wushu program at Wuhan University.  Lily now runs all aspects of Wulong, designing all the curriculum and teaching all forms in her classes.


Professor Yang Li

Professor Yang taught at the prestigious Beijing Sports University (Formerly Beijing Institute of Physical Education BIPE). Amoung her many achievements include: Designing the Yang Fan 18 and Yang Fan 36 routines.  As well as designing many of the Standardised (Duan Wei) Wushu Sword routines.  She now is a consultant teacher with Wulong.


Professor Xiang Han Ping

Professor Xiang is an expert in Qigong. Working at the prestigious Wuhan Sports University (Formerly Wuhan Institute of Physical Education WIPE), he is also a senior member of the Qigong Association, a Qigong Referee, and an expert in Chinese medicine.